I’ve outlined the Whacking Day prizes for you in an earlier post, but if you missed it, you can take a look here. The good news, though, is that 10th prize isn’t as far as you can go. There are more prizes to be won beyond the top level!

Once you’ve reached Miss Springfield and the Sleep-Eazy Motel, a whole new prize level opens up. This is what you’ll see on your prize screen from that point on:

Whack Box
These are the Whack Boxes – and they contain cash or donuts! Of course, you’re far more likely to get cash than donuts – but here are the odds:

Possible Prize Odds
$750 35%
$1000 30%
1 donut 20%
2 donuts 10%
3 donuts 5%

Still – it’s donuts! And free game currency is another good reason to keep whacking! And a good reason to have an egg buddy

Thanks to Nick for the screenshot.