You may have seen the Snake Speakers available in the Whacking Day shop for 50 donuts and wondered what they are, why they’re there, and whether it’s worth spending 50 donuts on them. And while the little blue “i” button tells you that they give you 2.5% bonus money and XP to all jobs, that’s only half their story. Because they’re more than just decorations – they have a very helpful role to play in the Whacking Day event.

The idea with the Snake Speakers is to place them somewhere in the center of your town, ideally where your friends are most likely to deliver eggs to you. You could also put them near any Snake Stumps or Rocks or Logs. That’s because, when you tap on them, the speakers start to thump and any snakes nearby are drawn to them, making it easier for you to whack them. That makes them well worth the 50 donuts if you have already have a lot of snake-generating decorations

The speakers are from the Whacking Day episode of the Simpsons. In that episode, the late, great Barry White sung a Whacking Day version of one of his most famous songs to attract the slithering snakes – not to whack them, as you’ll obviously be doing, but to save them from being whacked. So, for full effect, if you do decide to buy the Snake Speakers, you should also play the original version of the song that he sung every time you turn them on (as uploaded to YouTube by Christopher Cabrera, and including Spanish subtitles):