There’s a lot going on with Whacking Day, but I thought I should also remind you that you only have hours left to get Swanky Fish, the sushi restaurant that’s part of the promotion for the new episode of The Simpsons airing this Sunday, 14 April. If you want to make some last minute decisions about what to do, given that there’s now so many wonderful ways to spend your donuts, here are a couple of posts you may find useful:

Should I spend my donuts on Swanky Fish?
Poll: Will you buying Swanky Fish?

If you do decide to buy it, it’s available for 90 donuts in your premium store (not the Whacking Day store). But expect it to disappear as a purchase option sometime on Sunday US. For those just starting the game, it also came with Springfield Falls, a really cool free decoration that was deposited in your inventory (and if you don’t have it and haven’t looked in your inventory for a week or so, open it up and see if it’s there).