Android and iOs work very differently for adding friends. Thanks to Jessica, here’s a step-by-step guide to adding friends in Origin if you play the Android version of the Tapped Out.

Please note that the huge number of these requests may mean that the servers are not always cooperative over the next few days or so and that while players on both platforms have a limit of 100 friends, you won’t be able to send a request at all if the other person is already at the limit. Be patient and keep trying. Also, remember that it can take 1-3 days for a new friend to appear on your friend screen. Android and iOs players are able to add each other.

Accepting friend requests

1. look for the little number on the Bart and Milhouse button. It indicates the number of friend requests you have.

2. You decide what to do with the request.. add or decline?

Adding friends

1. Once your outstanding friend requests are cleared, the Bart and Milhouse button has a small plus sign.

2. Type in your friend’s username.

3. Origin finds the username and gives you the option to add the friend.

4. Your friend request sent – now you’ll just have to wait for it to be accepted!