Note: For all new egg buddy requests, please use Egg Buddies 3.

If what’s happening in your game is at all like what’s happening in mine, you’re probably a little disappointed in some of your friends right now. And that’s because those gifts of snake eggs are few and far between.

Apart from those big drops from my son and some from Shelley (probably the first ever reader of this blog!), eggs from friends are a rare occurrence in my game. Now this may be due to the people just starting the game or the missing snake issue (there are some answers on that here), but it also may be due to the fact there seems to be no incentive to give eggs to friends beyond just being a good neighbor. And that means that a social game is just that little bit less social.

So, if your real life friends or you family don’t play, why not find an egg buddy – someone that you know will give you eggs every day? The way it works is that you agree to drop a certain number of eggs in a specific location in each other’s towns each day, either for a certain number of days or throughout the event. That way you’re sure to get eggs from someone.

So how can you find an egg buddy? By putting your egg buddy requests in the comments section of this post. It will need to be clearly identified as an egg buddy request – simple “add me’s” should still go on the Add Friends page here. And I’m pretty sure that if your town is a little snake-eggless right now, you’ll be seeing so many more of them pretty soon.

Note: For this to work, you’re also going to have to arrange an exact location for your daily egg drop.