Long-term players of the game will know that things all get a bit glitchy around the start of a big event. Maybe because of the additional server load created by millions of Android players now able to join in as well, this event is probably going to take the “glitchiest-of-them-all” award. And that’s because the glitches extend beyond the event into the regular quests.

Players are reporting quests suddenly ending and jumping one or two levels ahead, and some unusual building prices (unusual in terms of both the prices themselves and the fact they don’t usually change outside of a new level release). And the one that’s been most commented on over the last 12 hours or so is that Burns and Smithers can’t seem to stay on a bike together long enough to complete their exercise task.

Hopefully, these things will settle down soon. And one positive from all of this is that players who have been unable to progress for months due to an old glitch during the Krabappel quests are finally able to move on in the game.