Lisa’s task is part of the missing snake story – but it can’t be the full answer, can it?

No, it can’t be – drops in snake count have been happening during friend visits as well. Take a look at some of these comments from the earlier post:

Sarah: Dropped 24 eggs in my friends town that did not have available actions (come back in 4 hours) and lost five snakes.

Someone: You may lose snakes if you don’t help your friend by tapping on buildings etc. and you don’t leave eggs either.

Someone: I just noticed that if you leave eggs in a town that isn’t ready for daily activities, it subtracts however many eggs you left from how many snakes you have. Sent Lisa to other Springfield when it wasn’t ready (13 hours to go), and it subtracted 20 from my total. Gave 5 eggs to a friends town (17 hours to go) and it subtracted 5 snakes from my total.

Brendan: My theory on this is that it is related to visiting friends’ towns. What seems to happen is that the snakes will often respawn and if they respawn they come from your snake count. I’ve been able to manage this by going into a town whacking my five snakes very quickly collecting money, drop a couple of eggs and then exiting. If you hang around too long the snakes may respawn but subtract from your snake total. I often won’t wait to find all five original snakes for fear that this may occur. I noticed this happen when I left the game while in another friends Springfield when I came back there were almost 30 snakes for me to whack much more than the five that should be allowed.

And, as well as the penalties above, that’s another part of the key. Having tested this out in the last hour, it really seems to be that if you see more snakes in a friend’s town than the 5 that should be there (10 with the Elite License), they’re probably yours. It seems that your snakes can escape or respawn during your visits to your friends’ towns. And if they do, you need to whack them all to get them back! You can check where you snake numbers currently are even in a friend’s town by going to Baton (snake-whacking) mode.

There’s a little more on this to come soon. But in the meantime, if you have any other thoughts or think that something important has been missed, please comment.