The Whacking Licenses are an important part of the Whacking Day event – and will be critical in helping you whack enough snakes between now and May 9 to get all the way to Miss Springfield and the Sleep-Eazy Motel.

You get the Expert Whacking License for free when you whack 400 snakes (it’s the second prize you get). It gives you the right to whack 5 snakes in each friend’s town each day. There’s no building involved – you’re just getting the right to do something.

This is what you’ll see when you win the Expert License:

Whacking 400 snakes also unlocks the Elite Whacking License in the Whacking Day Store. It gives you, for 50 donuts, the right to whack up to 10 snakes in each friend’s town every day:

The snakes you whack in your friends’ towns are yours to whack. They don’t reduce the number of snakes that your friends have available for whacking. And if you see more, it’s probably because your snakes have escaped or respawned – and you’ll need to rewhack them. If none have escaped or respawned, you’ll only find the number that your License allows.

The other point is that you can only do this once a day. If you go into a town for a second time that day to whack snakes or a town where there aren’t yet any daily actions, you’ll end up going over your limit and suffering a penalty as a result (I tested this out with my son’s town, which isn’t ready for another 21 hours and instantly suffered a 5 snake penalty before whacking a single snake).