That’s the big question of the day – and I think that it is feasible to geo all the way without spending donuts, but with a caveat.

The question comes about because you need to have collected 12,500 snakes to get to the 10th prize level:

New snakes spawn in your town every 8 minutes or so, until you reach your maximum snake capacity of 50. So, approximately every 6 hours, you have at least 50 new snakes to whack. For people who check into their games only twice a day, that’s 100 new snakes to whack (although some of them will turn into eggs).

You can also keep 6 of your characters regularly engaged on Whacking Day Tasks. Making some allowance for lost time and other quests, let’s assume that you can keep Homer, Lisa, Apu, Ned, Cletus and Willie earning 10 snakes for you each day for 20 days – that’s at least 1,200 snakes earned through character tasks throughout the event. The important point with character tasks is that they only earn you snakes – you won’t get eggs.

Once you have a Whacking License, you can also visit friends and whack 5 snakes in their towns (although only if the town is ready for a visit if you want to avoid a penalty for whacking outside the season). If you only visit half your friends (50), that’s still 250 snakes to whack each day (of course, some of these will be eggs as well).

That totals up to 11,000 total snakes to whack throughout the event for moderate but daily players. The numbers change, though, if you check into the game 3 times a day for 28 days, and visit all your friends every day – that’s 20,000 snakes. Allowing for a percentage of these to be snake eggs, that’s probably enough for you to hit your targets without buying premium items. And all of this is assuming that your friends completely fail to leave you any eggs.

So, it’s feasible, but it will certainly take a lot of regular play to get to the top end of the prizes without resorting to buying premium items.

P.S.: I welcome any corrections to any of these calculations – I’m a words person rather than a numbers person! 🙂