While there are clearly server issues today (the “cannot connect” messages are an indication of that), the problems Android player are having adding friends may not be all server related.

Here’s some advice from may be helpful. As I’m not an Android player, I can’t vouch for it, but the messages have been fairly consistent.

This came in from Calvin:

This is to players out there who are having trouble sending invites. You can see the persons Origin is valid but it says invite failed try again.
Here’s what you need to do to fix it.
First log onto Origin’s website from your home computer. Then log into your origin account. It will tell you that you have an old Origin ID and that it needs to be changed. Stinks to lose your current name, however you will NOT lose your progress or game. At least I didn’t. Now you’re free to send invites! I haven’t received any yet so I don’t know if that’s working, but I can send.
Hope this helps players out there that were having this issue.
If some could add me out there I’d appreciate it, currently I don’t have any.

And from another commenter (I’m sorry – I misplaced you user name in the comment deluge):

I found the issue. Everyone needs to go to the Origin website and “upgrade” by entering your username. This activates your account and allows you to add friends. It has nothing to do with how busy the server is.

I hope some of this helps and please let others know here if it does or doesn’t. I still think server issues are to blame for some of these problems, though.

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