People who’ve played the game for a while know that around every major update, a wild and wonderful set of glitches seems to show up – and as you’ve already seen if you’re reading this blog regularly, the glitches this time round are numerous. Here’s one more – the mysterious missing snakes.

Here are just some of the comments that have come in over the last 24 hours:

Andrew: Anyone notice missing snakes? I had 48 snakes, went to visit a friends town, came back and had 38. Kinda strange.

Purplebandit815: I had over 50 snakes whacked and then the number went down to 6 and now it’s at zero after visiting several friends and leaving eggs. Is anyone experiencing the same thing? Is this a glitch?

Joseph: I was in the 40+ range, but I lost half of them.

Lisa: I’ve noticed on two occasions now that when I am whacking snakes in friends’ towns, I’ve lost 20+ snakes from my total?

Scott: My snake count is disappearing! I was over 40 and left the game. When I came back I whacked a snake and realized I only had 38 snakes.

Oshelld: I am soooo mad. I had almost 2,000 snakes & 99 eggs. I come back to play and I have 0 snakes or eggs. Grrrrrrr

And there are lots more like this.

There are a theory around about what’s causing this to happen:

Michael: My snake count dropped by about 20 or so. I noticed it when I came back to my town after putting eggs in other Springfields. It would be strange if your snake count went down just from that. I did send Lisa to release snakes to another town so that might be the cause although I didn’t expect that many snakes to be taken off me! Thoughts?

Breathfist: Lisa has a task titled “Release snakes from another town.” Perhaps that is what is responsible for some people’s snake whacking count decreasing?

My thoughts on this is that Lisa’s task might be responsible – except the numbers seem far too random for this to fully explain it. I really think that this is yet another glitch. It may be that it’s a glitch related to the Lisa task, but I’d assumed that the task related to the snakes that were slithering around your town, not the one’s you’s already whacked. Maybe I was wrong, though, and like the Lemon Tree before it became securely rooted in your town (and could no longer be stolen), maybe you’re actually stealing collected snakes from friends!

It would be awfully cruel, though, if this were true – and particularly if the same people who weren’t giving you snake eggs were selecting you for snake theft. And that means, I prefer “glitch” as the explanation for this one!