Whacking snakes takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. The good news is that a number of regular (non-premium) characters have Whacking Day tasks that earn you some extra snakes – and the other bit of good news for newer players, is that it’s only the characters appearing up to and including level 10 that have these new tasks.

The snake-earning tasks unlock as soon as you’ve completed Homer and Lisa’s 24 hour tasks in Whacking Day Part 1. Here’s a list of what you’ll find (and feel free to add anything I’ve missed):

Character Task Length Snakes
Homer Snake hunt 24hours 10
Cletus Shoot snakes 12 hours 5
Willie Inject himself with snake venom 12 hours 5
Lisa Release snakes from another town 5 hours 3
Ned Send snakes back to Hell 24 hours 10
Milhouse Get bullied by a snake 12 hours 5
Apu Hold a Whacking Day promotion 24 hours 10

Skinner also has a new task (but this doesn’t earn you snakes, so more on that later), and Lisa’s task needs an entire post of its own. And if you’re looking in a premium direction, all of Ninja Homer’s tasks earn you snakes and XP (but the premium route to more snakes will also be covered in its own post).

The bottom line is that keeping your snake-earning characters busy, as well as whacking, will help you get all of the free stuff – and if you missed the post on the prizes, you can find it here.