Based on some comments today and some changes to the game, this is worth a repost with a few updates!

Canceling a task is now easier than ever!

Where a character is doing a task indoors

If one of your characters is doing something inside a building, all you have to do is put the building they’re inside into storage, and they’ll be thrown out. Then, put the building back into your Springfield and you can give them the task you want to give them. This also works if you accidentally decide to grow corn at Cletus’ Farm and later decide you don’t want to wait 90 days. Just put the farm into storage, take it out again and you can choose a different crop (although you also lose your investment when you do this).

When a character is doing a task outdoors

With the latest update to the game, you can also stop an outside task by storing the character. Go to the move screen, tap on the character and you’ll see something like this (I used Sideshow Mel while in his 24-hour “De-bone his hair” task):

When you tap on the inventory icon, you get a message like this if the character is attached to a building (it won’t appear for a building-less character):

For a character without a building, the message is a little different:

You won’t collect any money or XP for partially completing the task, but that’s really not the point. The real point is that there’s no need for your game to be delayed anymore because a key character is on a long task – and that’s something that makes events like Whacking Day just that little bit easier (and I can finally get rid of the Funzos!).