With 140,000 hits over the last 24 hours, I’m going to step away for a bit. I’ll be back with more posts on the Whacking Day event later today (or early tomorrow for Australasians). In the meantime, for people who may have missed it the first time round, here’s some background on the event that we’re all playing from a few weeks back, reposted for those who missed it…

A couple of people have asked about what Whacking Day actually celebrates, which is not surprising since the episode featuring this holiday was first aired more than 20 years ago. If you’re digging through your DVDs or downloads, look for episode 20 of season 4.

The first and most important thing to know about Whacking Day, though, is that it’s not a USΒ holiday or a holiday anywhere else in the real world. It’s a day that was once unique to Springfield – but is no longer celebrated even there!

In Springfield, Whacking Day was traditionally celebrated every year on May 10. On that day, the citizens of Springfield would drive snakes into the town square, then club them to death. Lisa, of course, is appalled by this, but it’s Bart who discovers the true origins of Whacking Day – a holiday made up as an excuse to beat the Irish. Together with special guest star Barry White, they save the snakes and end the Whacking Day tradition.

The episode was written by George Meyer to highlight the mistreatment of snakes.

You can read more about the episode at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whacking_Day

And here’s the Whacking Day song that Ninja Homer sings in the game at the end of his quest:

Oh Whacking Day! Oh Whacking Day!
Our hallowed snakes skull-cracking day.
We’ll break their backs! Gouge out their eyes!
Their evil hearts we’ll pulverize!
Oh Whacking day! Oh Whacking Day!
May God bestow his grace on thee.

So you can hear how the song sounded in the episode when sung by the children of Springfield Elementary, here’s a link to an audio of the song on YouTube uploaded by swingballbros: