If you’re a level 27 player and your XP bar has been behaving strangely, take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Following the update, my XP bar is telling me that I need 169,171 to get to the next bonus level rather than the 120,000 I needed before the update. And here a few more strange numbers from other readers of this blog:

franoccitanes: I had a shock watching my XP bar : 10 million 😦

jake holmes: After the update my XP bar now needs 420,950 XP to hit the bonus level.

thrawn3333: My XP bar keeps resetting to the same 53,848 after I log off and then log back in. It counts up while playing but reverts back to that number after playing.

Graphit: I am on level 27 and my XP keeps disappearing! I collected 4561 XP when I came back to my Springfield the XP bar was set back to 506… And the amount of XP you need to collect to reach the bonus level is set to 203005.

Crunchynutter315: Just been playing around after updating and noticed something really weird with the XP bar. Mine has jumped to 1.8m to the next bonus round. In addition, my XP seems to keep resetting to 604.

Be assured that this is a glitch – although there is unfortunately no way that we can fix it ourselves. No amount of hard-closing the game or re-downloading seems to reliably set things right. But similar problems have happened in the past and they’ve been resolved, although they’ve usually needed an update from EA to set things right.