There are lots of little changes around the game with the Whacking Day update, and I’ll be doing posts on all of them (probably by the end of the weekend). Here’s one more – and that’s the Leprechaun has a new spring in his step.

For those of you who bought the limited time Leprechaun during the St. Patrick’s Day event (no longer available), he’s a source of cash and XP – as well as some mindless entertainment. But you’ll have noticed that since the update, when you tap and collect, his speed has increased as he runs away. He used to move fast, but now he he speeds off like Road Runner running away from Wile E. Coyote. And every time a friend taps on him when they visit your town 9and there’s a lot more visiting going on at the moment), he’ll respond in exactly the same way in your game at his new higher speed.

So a super-speedy Leprechaun that makes you work just that bit harder for a second tap seems to be another little update enhancement. All the better, I suppose, for him to protect his pot of gold, game dollars and XP. Or it could be just because he’s scared of all the snakes!