Those of you who haven’t been able to resist speeding Homer and Lisa through Whacking Day Part 1 probably began snake whacking a while ago. But most readers of this blog are probably anxiously awaiting the official start to Whacking Day that happens with Whacking Day Part 2.

Whacking snakes is very easy and a lot of fun. As soon as Whacking Day Part 1 finishes, you’ll get a new icon in the top right-hand corner of your screen, as you can see here:

This is your Baton mode, and when you tap on it you’ll be able to whack your snakes just by tapping them (you’ll hear a satisfying whacking sound as you do). Once you’ve whacked your snakes, you’ll either see a picture of a snake or an egg. These collect just like your cash and build into the snake and egg total you see at the bottom left of the screen. Once you’ve finished whacking, you can switch out of Baton mode by tapping the same icon.

Also on the Baton mode screen is an icon is the bottom left. You tap on this to get to your prize screen – which tells you just how much whacking you need to do!

You get an initial group of 50 snakes to whack. But once you’ve whacked them, that’s not the end of it. Apparently the snakes refresh every 8 minutes or so (mine seem to be doing so as I’m typing this – they just seem to drop out of the sky and you’ll hear a hissing sound as new snakes appear!). And if anyone can confirm how many appear each 8 minutes, please let us all know.

Initially, you can’t whack snakes in your friends’ town – you have to earn the right to do that. Once you win the Expert Whacking License as a Whacking Day Prize (400 snakes), you can whack up to 5 snakes in friends’ town every day (there are a couple of other licenses as well, but I’ll deal with them in a separate post).

You can also increase the number of snakes you have available to whack and your snake count with premium decorations and through some of the new character tasks – and the next couple of posts will focus on those. There’s so much to cover!