The game has made it very easy for you to leave eggs for your friends. Once you’ve completed Whacking Day Part 1, when you visit a friend’s town, an egg icon will appear in the top right-hand corner of the screen:

Tapping on this lets you leave eggs – and you can leave all or some of your available eggs in each town. Unfortunately, you’ll simply be an anonymous egg donor, as there’s no way that your friend will know that it was you who left the eggs.

The snake icon next to it only appears once have a Whacking License. Tapping on this lets you go whack snakes in your friend’s town up to the limit your license allows (the Expert Whacking License you win as a Whacking Day prize allows you to whack up to 5 snakes in friends’ towns).

Leaving eggs (and whacking snakes) is in addition to, rather than instead of, collecting cash and the new icons make it all as easy as it possibly could be. But that’s now a lot of tapping, leaving and whacking to do if you have a full list of 100 friends!