For people who don’t mind spending donuts, there are 3 premium decorations that give you more snakes to whack in your town every 4 hours. You can find them in the Whacking Day store:


  • The “Snake Rocks” give you 10 more snakes every 4 hours and cost 40 donuts
  • The “Snake Stump” gives you 20 more snakes every 4 hours and costs you 55 donuts
  • The “Hollow Snake Trunk” gives you 30 more snakes every 4 hours and costs you 75 donuts

When the snakes are ready to hatch, this is what you’ll see:


Then you tap and a seething mass of snakes rolls out. But, just like your rent and tasks, you have to be around to collect. The Hollow Snake Trunk, for example, won’t give you 180 snakes in a 24-hour period unless you check in to tap on it and release snakes every 4 hours

Each of these decorations is worth the investment if you really don’t have time to play the social part of the game but still want all the fun of Whacking Day! And they’ll still make great garden or park decorations once Whacking Day is over.