One of the best new features to come with the Whacking Day update is the “Confirm Donut Spend” notification. No more accidentally spending donuts by speeding up tasks or sliding your fingers over items in the premium store. But you have to turn it on first – and this is how you do it.

Go to your build menu and look for the “i” in the top right-hand corner of the menu:

Tap on it and your Options menu opens up. Look for “Confirm Donut Spend” and turn it on (Android players will also notice that they can finally turn off those push notications as well!):

Now, each time you go to spend your donuts, you’ll see something like this:

And if you don’t want to spend thopse precious donuts, just tap “Cancel“.

Just what we’ve all been asking for! And thanks to boxorice for being the first to point this out!