Strangely enough, just as the Whacking Day update hit, I was preparing a post on something I’d found in the game files on limits on the number of buildings and decorations. And sure enough – that’s one of the less happy features of the Whacking Day update.

Thanks to Kalvin for sending through this screenshot of the notification that he and many others received today:

So, from this update you can only have 3,000 buildings and decorations in your town. This will also have a Whacking Day impact – you won’t be able to leave snake eggs in the towns of friends who are at or over the limit. And if you’re at the building and decoration limit, you won’t be able to receive any eggs.

While this isn’t going to be great news for many players, it really has come about due to game stability issues experienced by many other players for a while now. And I suspect that with the game available on a greater number of devices with a range of memory sizes, that it’s much more about stability at device level than at server level.

Looking at the forums, a lot of people are really angry about this change. Unfortunately though, it looks like this limit is here to stay – and that means that we may have to be a bit zen about it. Probably as zen as some as our towns will look without all those buildings and decorations.