One of the many, many premium items available for Whacking Day is Lumpy the School Snake – and he costs all of 55 donuts. Lumpy is in the Whacking Day purchase menu that appears immediately after Homer and Lisa finish their 24-hour task in Whacking Day Part 1. But is he really, really worth it?

This is actually going to be quite a short post as I’m trying very hard to resist being unfair and unblanaced and trying to avoid giving, right up front, the answer I really want to give. First, some reasons to buy him:

1. He (or she or it – I’m really not sure of Lumpy’s gender) is a limited time “character” – that means that you’ll only be able to add Lumpy for the duration of the Whacking Day event. After that, you’ll no longer be able to buy him/her/it for any price.
2. You’re a completist and know you’ll forever regret passing up the opportunity to buy Lumpy whenever you see that Lumpy-shaped shaded space in the Whacking Day character set.
3. Springfield’s classroom’s are seriously overcrowded and Lumpy is the ideal solution.

And some reasons why not:

1. Lumpy, like the Funzos doesn’t have any tasks and simply slithers around your town – which means he doesn’t earn you anything extra (just like the Funzos and Santa’s Little Helper).
2. There are no quests associated with Lumpy.
3. Lumpy’s a snake so doesn’t really say anything at all.

So, if you’re on a donut budget, I really would pass on Lumpy, the school snake who adds very little more to your game than making up 50% of a character set. If you’re a completist like me, though, you probably already have him.