Every time there’s an event, like Whacking Day, the game attracts a lot of new players. And this time, with Origin available on Android for the first time, that adds up to a lot of people adding friends. Experienced players should probably go and look at another post. If you want to know how you add friends, though, read on.

First things first, though:
1. The Origin servers control the social aspect of the game – and with so many people adding at once, they’re likely to be making the add friends process a bit glitchy over the next few days. Be patient and things will resolve themselves.
2. You can only add 100 friends – and this is apparently the cumulative total across all your Origin games (please correct me if I’m wrong about the cumulative total point!).
3. Your friends can only see your Origin ID and you can only see theirs. You can’t see their email and there is no way to contact them through the game.
4. For Android players having difficulty adding friends, here’s some advice from summerpain that might help:
I went to my friends page..clicked on logout (Origin button) and then logged back in – I can now send friend requests and I also had about 15 of them to accept!

Onto adding friends – and it’s really easy to do. First, tap on the Bart and Milhouse button you see at the bottom right of the main game screen.

This takes you to the page that has your Other Springfield. At the bottom left, you’ll see the Origin logo.

Tap on this and a box will come up on the top right. Tap on “Add Friends” (if it’s not already showing) and you’ll see a space to enter your friend’s email or Origin ID.

Put in the ID and tap “Go”. Often a number of similar IDs will come up.

Find the ID you’re looking for and tap “Add”. An invitation will be sent to your friend and when he or she accepts it, you’ll be able to go into each other’s Springfields. Be patient, though. Sometimes this happens quickly and sometimes it can take up to 3 days, regardless of where the person is in relation to you.

When you’ve finished, tap “Exit” on the bottom of the bar at very right hand side. You go back to your town by tapping the house icon at the bottom right of the screen.

And if you want to find friends to add – you can see them on the Add Friends page here – where you can also add your own Origin ID (please don’t put an “add me” in the comments section of this post!).