I was just about to take a break for a few hours (with about 100,000 page views in the last 12 hours, it’s been a bit of a busy period here!), but realized I couldn’t leave withn the post below this one at the top of the page. So here’s a bit more good news. There’s a lot of free stuff in this update that doesn’t involve you spending cash or donuts. All you really need to do is whack snakes.

And here’s a list of the prizes you can win and how many snakes you need to whack to win each one (the snake total is cumulative and continues to rise as you hit each prize level – and there’s a donut option is you look like you’re not going to get the prize you want before the event ends):

Prize 1: Fort Sensible – 150 snakes
Prize 2: Expert Whacking License – 400 snakes
Prize 3: Gymnastic Lisa Costume and Balance Beam – 1000 snakes
Prize 4: Snake Rocks – 2000 snakes
Prize 5: Jebediah Springfield and Snake Statue – 3000 snakes
Prize 6: Duff Stadium – 4250 snakes
Prize 7: Pet Snake – 5500 snakes
Prize 8: Bare-Chested Willie Costume – 7500 snakes
Prize 9: Springfield Coliseum and Tatum – 10000 snakes
Prize 10: Sleep-Eazy Motel and Miss Springfield – 12500 snakes

Here’s the prize chart:

So, that’s a lot to look forward to – and you have until May 9 to get it all.

Right now, I’m stepping away for a break and to do a few other things – back later today (or early tomorrow for those in Australasia). 🙂