In the past, I would have said to look for an update on Thursday afternoon US Central time (around 2 or 3 pm) – however, EA have been playing around with the timing lately, so any time in the morning is just as possible. The short answer is – any time really. Just as well I’m working from home that day. (For players outside the US, we’re talking Thursday US time here – the update happens simultaneously all over the world.)

As to what kind of an update it will be – my guess is that it won’t be an in-game update. Halloween, Christmas and Valentines were all App Store updates – and if the “something bigger” is what I think it is, my guess is that this update will come through the App Store/Google Play as well.

And, for the people who’ve asked, I really think it will be genuinely bigger – an event that lasts for several weeks, rather than something that’s over in 3 days (and quite possibly the Whacking Day event, but that hasn’t been confirmed by EA). I’m keeping my fingers crossed, though.

Note: for confirmation that the Valentines update was an App Store update, see here.