The Swanky Fish quest begin as soon as you hand over your 90 donuts and build the limited-time Swanky Fish sushi restaurant and, as it only takes 6 seconds to build, that happens very quickly. Lisa needs to free to kick things off.

1. Swanky Fish Part 1 Lisa is impressed by your new restaurant:

Lisa: Wow, the ornate interior and new age looking exterior of the Swanky Fish is so impressive.
Homer: But I thought this was a seafood place. What’s with all this rice, avocado and…yuck! Is this seaweed?
Lisa: It’s called Nori wrap. Sushi really is an art form.
Homer: But I don’t want my food to be an art form. I want it to be food.
Lisa: Can’t we at least try it once?
Homer: Okay, but I get to choose the restaurant the next 10 times.
So Homer and Lisa got to dine at the Swanky Fish (5 hours – keep Principal Skinner free as they finish).

2. Swanky Fish Part 2 It’s Skinner’s turn and he’s looking forward to it. He hasn’t tasted sushi since his days in Nam – when he fled to Japan to avoid the fighting. And he just loves the smell of wasabi in the morning. (5 hours – keep Comic Book Guy free as he finishes).

3. Swanky Fish Part 3 Comic Book Guy is as excited as everyone else (although he’ll later question why all of his jobs involve eating):

Comic Book Guy goes to dine at the Swanky Fish (5 hours – keep Kent Brockman free as he finishes).

4. Swanky Fish Part 4 Kent Brockman does a live news report on the opening of the Swanky Fish, telling everyone to check it out, then:

Brockman goes to eat his free meal at the Swanky Fish (5 hours).

And that’s where the Swanky Fish quest ends.