At 90 donuts and with “something bigger” on the way, Swanky Fish has given many players pause. So, is it worth sending your precious donuts on? Here are a few reasons why it might be:

1. It’s a restaurant, and those are surprisingly few and far between.
2. It helps your Gluttony rating.
3. The animation looks really good.
4. It’s an easy size and shape to fit anywhere into your town.
5. It has its own quest (although we won’t know if Principal Skinner, Comic Book Guy or Kent Brockman will still be able to dine there until it’s no longer available).
6. It’s a limited-time item, and that means that you will probably never be able to buy it again.

And some reasons why you may decide to pass:

1. It doesn’t come with any characters.
2. For a stand-alone building, it’s quite expensive.
3. There’s no guarantee that it will be used by your characters at the end of the promotion.
4. You want to save your donuts for whatever the “something bigger” on Thursday might be.

I bought it, of course, and I’m not dissatisfied with it. After a quiet period in the game, it was great to add a quest. But unless you’re a completist, it’s probably not an essential purchase.