This message from Origin that may cast some light on the problems, experienced by many Apple device players over the last 12 hours or so:

Several of our systems will be undergoing maintenance on April 11th starting at approximately 1:00AM EDT and going until 5:00AM EDT***. During this time, players will be unable to access online services for many EA games, including those that connect through Origin.

The down times for each game or service during this maintenance may vary, with some being back up again quickly, and others taking the full maintenance time. We’ll try to finish this maintenance as quickly as possible to restore normal access to Origin and other online services for EA games.

*** Alternate Time Zones
•PDT: April 10th at 10:00PM until April 11th at 2:00AM
•GMT: April 11th at 5:00AM GMT until 9:00AM GMT

In the meantime, if you have experienced your account being reset to level 1, here are a few DO’s and DON’Ts:

1. Check that you haven’t been logged out of the game – you may have suddenly switched mid-game to playing anonymously. The first step, then, is to check that you’re logged in to Origin.
2. If you are logged in to Origin, and your game is telling you there’s a lower level game on your device, answer “NO” to the “Is this yours?” question.
3. Hard close the game and go and do something else.
4. Register that you have been affected at or through Twitter at @AskEASupport.
5. Check in here or at for updates.

1. Don’t let the opening video run. Shut the game immediately if it does.
2. Don’t try to continue to play your game.
3. Don’t open a new Origin account with the same email address as your reset game. If you want to open a temporary Springfield to keep you busy while things are being resolved, so that with a completely different email address and user name.
4. Don’t panic – at least between now and the promised Thursday update. If it hasn’t been resolved by then, you probably have every right.

I’m sorry I can’t be more help on this. But, honestly the DON’Ts are reallyimportant. Players have lost their games before by starting new accounts with the same email address when server issues have arisen in the past.

I’ll provide updates as I get new information.