With the Swanky Fish update, there’s also the promise to Milhouse of something bigger coming this Thursday. What exactly is it likely to be?Regular readers of this blog will have already guessed that it’s probably not a promise of a bigger Springfield and that it’s maybe, possibly, perhaps, a Whacking Day event.

After getting the prediction of the Swanky Fish promotion right, I’m feeling a little more confident so, just in case you missed them, here are links to the posts from a couple of weeks back on what’s lurking in the game files for a possible Whacking Day event (as well as a post explaining just what Whacking Day is for people who don’t remember the episode):

What is Whacking day?
Whacking day song
Whacking Day prizes
Whacking day decorations
Ninja Homer
Speculation on Origin for Android

Of course, what happens on Thursday could all be completely different. We won’t really know until then!