Regular players of the game know that an update rarely goes by without some players experiencing some kind of a glitch. For this update, some players have been going back into the game to find that their Springfield Falls is no longer there and Swanky Fish is no longer available (or there if they’ve bought it).

Keith posted this question:

I’m on Android and downloaded the update. I bought the Swanky Fish, built it, and sent Lisa on her 1-hr Kwik-E-Mart task and didn’t send Homer on the 5-hr task which I was waiting to do until Lisa was free later on. I then closed the game. I came back two hours later and I’m short 90 donuts and the restaurant is no longer built and not available to purchase again. I also checked my inventory and it’s not there. I’ve exited the game several times including force-stopping the app.

Any ideas?

And then came back after finding the answer faster than I was able to:

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app but it didn’t work, however others seem to be having the same issue and I was able to resolve it per where the second uninstall/reinstall did the trick.

As Keith confirms, this works for Android players as well as those on Apple devices.