As part of this week’s episode promotion update you get Springfield Falls for free – and you also get the Swanky Fish restaurant for 90 donuts. For your donuts, Swanky Fish comes with an additional quest all of its own. In addition, it earns you $200 and 22XP every 8 hours and adds to your Gluttony rating. Whether Homer and Lisa will be able to continue to eat there once the promotion is over is still an open question – but for the moment, the answer is “probably not”.

So, will you be spending 90 donuts on it? Or are you going to wait until Thursday and see what the “something bigger” is that Milhouse promised? The problem with waiting until Thursday, of course, is that by then, buying Swanky Fish will no longer be an option.

So, to help players who are still weighing up their options, let everyone know here. And once you’ve voted, take a look and see what everyone else is planning to do.