Some time ago, Mary commented on how it was a sign of the times that people could say “I don’t know any of my friends.” And a few days ago, Micah asked this question:

Is there a way to actually contact/communicate with your Simpsons friends? All of my friends were made via “add me” sites including yours, and I’d like to speak with a few of them about their fabulous creations – and, you know, maybe make some “real” friends.

Sadly, all you can really do through the game is add friends and visit their towns. In most cases, you can’t even see who visits you regularly, although during the Valentine’s Day event, you were able to see who visited you and left you a Valentine (this proved quite popular and it looks like something similar will be part of any Whacking Day event). But there’s no way to contact your friends directly through the game.

If you would like to have friends you can communicate with directly, there’s nothing to stop you from doing so via email. However, my strong advice is to never post your regular email address here or on any other public site. Set up a game-specific email address for this through Google, Yahoo, or any similar provider and use that instead. It’s very easy to do and should just take you a couple of minutes.

There’ll be a poll coming up soon on new game features you’d like to see – perhaps it should include in-game messaging.