That’s an interesting question (thanks Johnny) – and it comes about because there are really at least two games going on in your Tapped Out. There’s the regular game, where you progress through the levels, unlocking buildings and characters in order – and there’s the XP game that has frequent players zooming up to the bonus levels faster than the regular game can keep up. And the gap between the two can get a bit disconcerting at times, particularly as it gets larger.

In my case, I was at the top level of the game while I was still building the Retirement Castle, and it took a little Googling to discover that not only was this perfectly okay, it also wasn’t abnormal. For other players the gap may be smaller or larger. It really depends on how frequently you play and how often you visit friends. Of course, using donuts to speed up tasks can exacerbate the gap, too, but regular readers of this blog know that not only is this unnecessary, it’s a terrible waste of donuts!

So if there’s a gap between where your XP bar tells you that you are and your game level, don’t worry. It’s all perfectly normal. And to help people experiencing this feel a bit more comfortable, why not use the comments section below to share where you were in your regular game when your XP bar hit the first bonus level.