This question came in from Sam, and it’s one that newer players often ask:

I’m playing Tapped Out on Android so I don’t have access to visiting friends and collecting money and XP from their towns, and can only visit the generated Other Springfield which hardly gives anything at all. That said, that Springfield, and others I’ve seen screen caps of, have a lot of decorations (trees, fences, etc), expensive buildings, and lots of land, even though they’re close to my game level (14). Yet I’m struggling to raise cash (currently at $25,000 and saving for the next quest purchase) and have yet to buy any of the land that cost $9,000 or higher or any expensive buildings because I just can’t afford it.

The only thing I have spent money on is brown houses after a friends suggestion. I have 50 or so, with no room to put more and don’t want to turn my Springfield into “brown house town”.

So my question is, besides not devoting days and days staring at my phone grinding through collecting cash and XP, is there something I’m doing wrong? How can people buy things I can only “dream” of? Is it as simple as not having friends to visit?

My advice to Sam and to other new players is that the struggle at the early stages of the game to build up cash for new levels, buy decorations, and expand land is perfectly normal – almost every player goes through this. And there’s a point where it all seems to get easier and you begin to build up more than enough money to do most of what you need, even without house-farming. For me, that was at game level 21, when the levels started to get longer and there was more of a break between each new building. At that stage, I began to have enough buildings earning enough rent and enough characters doing enough tasks to earn a good regular daily income that would support my expansion plans even without visiting friends.

So, if you’re at an early stage of the game and wondering when you’ll have enough game dollars to make the Springfield you want it to be, don’t worry. The game seems to have a tipping point where that all becomes possible.