At 90 donuts, Dr. Nick is the most expensive stand-alone premium character in the store. Why is he so expensive and is he worth it?

The stand-alone premium characters that were initially available were all relatively cheap. The Squeaky Voice Teen is only 30 donuts and Kearney, Bumblebee Man, and Hans Moleman are only 60 donuts. Since October last year, however, the price of the newer stand-alone characters (as well as costume prices) seems to have increased. Shauna cost 90 donuts, as did Witch Marge, Santa Homer, Mr. Plow and Fruit-Bat-Man.

So, 90 donuts seems to be the price we can expect to pay for stand-alone characters or costumes at the moment (and if Ninja Homer finally comes, that’s probably how much he’ll cost). And is Dr. Nick worth it? I think so – and there’ll be a post coming this week on just why.