Yesterday, I posted on how many donuts you would need if you wanted to buy all the premium buildings and characters the game has to offer and came to a grand total of 2547 donuts (you can see that post here).

Lee asked a follow-up question that is well worth a post: what about the premium items that are no longer available – the limited time items available only for episode promotions and special events? How many additional donuts would you have needed to buy one each of those? So, here’s the answer:

Premium item Donut cost
Kang w/ Raygun 150 donuts (although apparently it varied)
Witch Marge with Cauldron 90 donuts
Mausoleum 60 donuts
Bart Raven 60 donuts
Itchy Balloon 40 donuts
Snowball 2 Balloon 20 donuts
Santa Homer with Santa’s Village 200 donuts
Reindeer 20 donuts
Christmas Tree 75 donuts, but one was given free during the Christmas event
Mapple Store 90 donuts, but could initially be bought with Santa Coins during the Christmas event
Mr. Plow Costume for Homer 90 donuts
Homer Snowman 20 donuts
Bart Snowman 20 donuts
Shauna 90 donuts
Gorgeous Grampa Billboard 40 donuts
Wishing Well with Leprechaun 150 donuts
Fruit-Bat-Man Costume for Mr. Burns 90 donuts

So, how many donuts would you have needed to buy one of every one of these? Because one Christmas Tree was given free, I’m leaving that out of the totals, as I am with the Mapple Store, which could initially be bought without donuts (feel free to add either one back into your own calculations.) That, then, gives a grand total of around 1140 donuts.

Add that to the total from yesterday, and that means you would need to have spent around 3,687 donuts to buy every premium item that’s ever been in the game.