This question has been asked a few times. The developers of the game haven’t forgotten about Maggie but, at the moment, she only appears in Marge’s 8-hour task, “Walk Maggie”. She doesn’t appear as a separate character and doesn’t have her own tasks.

Will she be a stand-alone character in the future? I don’t think so – she is, after all, a baby, which limits the number of tasks she can do – and the Simpsons character set is already at what appears to be the maximum number of characters the set can hold.

Personally, I hope they don’t add her simply due to how small she is – I often have a hard enough time finding Ralph! But since the Oscar nomination earlier this year for “The Longest Daycare”, it’s always a possibility.

And for those who haven’t seen Maggie’s short or want to see it again, here it is (it’s from the ANIMATION on FOX YouTube Channel):