Many people play the game successfully without buying a single donut, while others want every building, character or decoration that the game has to offer. So, if you do decide to go down the premium route, just how many donuts will you need to get one of everything there is?

Let’s break it down a bit. I’m going to look at what’s currently in the game and ignore the limited-time premium items that are no longer available:

– At moment, there are 11 premium characters (that come with or without buildings). These will cost you 1200 donuts.

– There are 4 buildings that come without a character. These will set you back 335 donuts.

– There are 3 big decorations – the Springfield Sign, Mount Carlmore and the Tire Fire. Together these cost 330 donuts. (Thanks to Kaitylyn and warlach!)

– There are Santa’s Little Helper and the Funzos – characters that essentially do nothing except run around your town. If you want these, you’ll need to spend 330 donuts.

– There are 17 smaller premium decorations. To buy one of each, you’ll need to spend 352 donuts.

So, based on the premium items that are currently available, you’ll need to have 2,547 donuts on hand if you want one of every item. That’s a lot of donuts – even for Homer.