It’s looking increasingly like there’ll be no update today, and while Friday is also a possibility, it really may mean that it’s business as usual in Springfield over the weekend. While a Thursday update had been a possibility based on dates in the files, there are a number of reasons why any update might have been delayed or EA might have revised its initial plans:

– there’s every indication that a Whacking Day event will involve visiting friends – but that would also mean the need to release Origin for Android to avoid alienating the newest market for the game (I can’t believe that EA would run a big event that its newest and potentially largest market couldn’t play). This is likely to be the real source of any delay, as releasing Origin for Android devices will also have an impact on all EA mobile games – and when that finally happens (or is about to happen), there’ll probably be a press release about it as there was for the launch of Origin on Mac earlier this year.

– the files also indicate that there’s likely to be an episode promotion for the Simpsons episode airing on April 14. To have a promotion early in a major event would be a bit unusual, especially one that involves even a short storyline (there were two promotions during Thanksgiving, but that event was smaller than St. Patrick’s Day).

– April 26 seems to be a key date this month – Samsung’s Galaxy s4 is launched, and EA have previously announced that it has partnered with Samsung to optimize 16 of its games, including Tapped Out, for this device (see a post on this from a couple of weeks ago here). It may be that a big update occurs much later than originally planned due to the importance EA are placing on the Samsung partnership.

– Whacking Day is not actually until May 10 – and some of the files talk about a countdown to the start of Whacking Day. Perhaps someone has realized that early April was too early for this event.

Just like the event itself, this is all speculation. But it shows how important patience is when dealing with games, updates and potential updates. Things can change and often do – and just because a date is in the files, it doesn’t mean it’s set in stone.