I’ve posted on this before, but for newer players who may well have been hurrying through tasks to get to a possible update, the answer is absolutely not – never, ever waste donuts on speeding up tasks if it can be at all avoided (and it usually can be).

Donuts are precious – and the great thing about the game is that there’s no requirement for you to use them to move ahead. They’re best saved for the premium items (especially anything that’s limited time) – they add value to the game and earn you more money at the same time.

Level 27, at a normal rate of play, should probably have taken 10 days to 2 weeks – EA certainly seems to have planned it that way, as there were some quite long tasks early on. Speeding up tasks or builds with donuts on new levels just means, at the higher levels of the game, that there’s a lot more down time before the next new thing happens.

And for lower level players, the game is at its most enjoyable once you adjust to its rhythm. Take the scenic route, rather than the expressway and you’ll enjoy it far more!