One frustration that many players have with the game is that there is no way of getting back any donuts you accidentally spend – and accidentally spending them is so easy. But the fact it was an accidental tap makes no difference at all, because once those donuts are gone, they’re gone for good.

An update we’re all looking for is a confirmation button on any donut purchase. But until that happens, you just need to be careful. And that’s because if you accidentally buy a premium character (whether it’s Dr. Nick or a Funzo) or anything at all from the premium store, it’s yours for good. There’s no way to return it and get those donuts back.

The lesson, then, is to tap carefully, particularly if you’re playing on a smaller screen. Never be in too much of a hurry when you’re on the build menu or in the premium store because it always pays to think before you tap – and often costs you if you don’t.