First – I think all buildings contribute something, at least aesthetically. But that’s not really what the question is asking…

Most of the buildings you add to the game make an ongoing contribution – you collect rent (the shops, houses and restaurants) or they generate income of another kind (Cletus’ Farm, Channel 6). Android players won’t see this in their own towns, but even the School, the Town Hall, and Moe’s Tavern make an ongoing contribution by being vandalism targets and giving you something to clean up to increase your Righteousness Rating.

One building, though, contributes nothing at all to your income – and that’s the Retirement Castle. And another is the Power Plant. They both give you characters and jobs that you can send characters to, of course, but they give you no regular income. They don’t even appear to contribute positively to the conformity bonus in any ongoing way (although building the Power Plant will actually reduce your Tree-Hugging rating and increase your Obedience rating*.)

I’m really not sure why that is. After all, a retirement home is usually a business like anything else – and even the Church generates an income. Unless, of course, the Retirement Castle is government-subsidized, which means that money goes into it and never comes out. And I suspect that every dollar earned by the Power Plant goes into the pockets of C. Montgomery Burns!

If anyone else would like to suggest reasons, please comment!

* Thanks to everyone who contributed to the discussion on this and to warlach for demonstrating that its addition and removal has an impact!