I’ve really got to do a post on this as it’s the question that many players are asking. And for many of us, probably one of the more frustrating things we’ve all seen in the last couple of days is this:


It’s possible that there may be an update on Thursday US. But it’s just as possible that there may not be anything until next week (particularly with the series returning to US TV on Saturday, April 14).

While the game files talked about a Whacking Day event ending on May 2, this could easily change (especially as, in the series, Whacking Day is May 10 and some of the quests seem to lead up to Whacking Day itself). In addition, the rumors seem to be getting stronger that Origin will be on Android sometime in the Spring (Fall/Autumn for people in the Southern Hemisphere), so that may also be part of the reason why we’re still waiting.

And remember that, despite our experience during February and March, a longish delay between updates is not uncommon. After all, level 25 was released on January 11, and the Valentine’s event, the next big update, didn’t begin until January 28 (and there was no advance notice of this from EA – just lots of rumors!). So, while tomorrow is a possibility, there are still no guarantees.