You’ll probably have noticed that Bart has a locked 10-minute task to run away with Kang. Is that, like Lisa’s meditation task prior to the level 27 update, a sign of things to come? Longer-term players will already know the answer to this one.

Sadly, Kang isn’t a future character – he’s another one of those limited time characters, appearing in the game as part of the Halloween event in October 2012 and now no longer available. He remains part of the Treehouse of Horror XXIII set, a set that for newer players on both Android and Apple will probably always be incomplete. And there’s no guarantee that he’ll ever be available again (in fact, we’re much more likely to get Kodos!).

So why do players who don’t have him still see the task? Well, it seems that the game is able to hide tasks related to premium characters and buildings, but not tasks that were part of the regular, free storyline (with the exception of the one-off, hidden tasks that sometimes appear during quests). A similar example is Ned and the Mapple Store – for newer players on both platforms, this remains locked even though the Mapple Store hasn’t been available even for Apple players since the Android launch.

So even if you weren’t playing the game back in Halloween, you’ll still have the locked quest – and that’s only because longer-term game players have him and can use him as part of their regular quests. And that means, sadly, that if you joined the game after Halloween, you’ll never get to see this: