I’ve been asked to write this post for players who are newer to the game – there’s already a post on building prices (and you can read it here), but I haven’t yet done one yet for decorations. The problem, of course, is that there are so many of them. So, in this post, I thought I’d focus on the prices of more recent decorations – those that come into the game at level 21 and above.

So, here it is – a handy guide to those higher-level locked decorations, how much they’ll cost you once you unlock them, and what part of your Conform-o-meter they affect:

Decoration Unlocked at Affects Price
Broken Down Washer Level 21 Vanity $520
Broken Down Dryer Level 21 Vanity $595
Pylon Level 22 Vanity $135
Gas Pump Level 22 Vanity $1300
Patio Table Level 22 Vanity $1400
See-Saw Level 22 Vanity $760
Stop Sign Level 22 Obedience $385
Weather Station* Level 23 Vanity $9500
Volleyball Net Level 23 Vanity $4500
Lawn Chair** Level 23 Vanity $520
Hail Ants Sign Level 23 Obedience $450
Red Brick Wall Level 23 Vanity $520
Grafitti Wall (x2) Level 23 Vanity $385
Fountain* Level 25 Vanity $3500
Swing Set Level 26 Vanity $2600
Rabbit Hedge Level 26 Tree-hugging $1300

* – you only unlock these once you’ve placed the first one as part of the quest at that level
** – this unlocks a 60-minute task for Kent Brockman