Over the past week or so, some players have been reporting a problem with the Scratch-R tickets – even before you can scratch, the game crashes and you lose the money you’ve spent on the game. While this is annoying when you’ve bought a regular Scratch-R with game dollars, it’s far more than that when you’ve spent real-world cash on a Golden Scratch-R.

This doesn’t seem to be a general problem, though, and this glitch may be one why some players have seen a couple of in-game updates in the past few days while the rest of us have seen nothing at all. If there’s been a problem with your installation, the game sometimes self-corrects when it tries to connect to the servers.

If you’ve been experiencing this problem, deleting and reinstalling the game may resolve it. And if you’ve lost money on a Golden Scratch-R, the first thing you should do is contact Apple or Google Play directly to claim a refund:
– You can contact Apple through http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/#app_store to claim a refund. Look for the “Contact support” link at the bottom left of the page to start the process.
– You can contact Google Play through http://support.google.com/googleplay/bin/request.py?&p=play_contact&rd=1

Any problems, though, are likely to be corrected through the next update – whenever that may be…