Last week’s poll asked you to choose which new characters you would like to see added to the game, and Patty and Selma were clear winners. Sadly, it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing them in the next couple of months at least.

A number of characters have been planned, however, and while you’ve seen some of them mentioned over the past few days, here’s a relatively complete list, together with what you may see (based on current information) on their unlock screens.

As usual, if you really don’t want to know, move on quickly. And if you’re reading this post from the homepage, you’ll need to click or tap on the link below the picture to find out more…

The usual disclaimers apply – there is no guarantee that any of these characters will actually appear at any definite point in the future – both Ninja Homer and Bare-chested Willie, for example, have been in the files for some time now (since last December at least), and may well appear soon, but there’s still no guarantee of when. Also, for all but Ninja Homer, there are no images yet, just script.

So, here’s the list of prospective characters and what you’re likely to see on their unlock screens when they finally do appear:

Bare Chested WillieI shaved the front, but there’s plenty of hair on the back.

Agnes – I’ve made mistakes in life… and his name is Seymour.

Drederick Tatum If you ever see me back in Springfield, you’ll know I screwed up bad!

Gymnastic LisaI’d prefer to just read a book.

LegsSomeone said there’s a squealer around here.

LouieShould I shoot him gangland or execution style?

Lugash I train the best. I am Lugash!

LumpyThat’s one way to take care of classroom overcrowding.

Miss SpringfieldGentlemen, start your whacking!

Ninja HomerSilent but deadly. Also, I’m a ninja.

Pet SnakeSsssss, sss ssssss ss! (PAUSE FOR LAUGHS) Sssss ss!

Respectable Moe Now I’m only ugly on the inside!

Rich TexanIt took a long time to come up with my name!

One way or another, it really looks like Springfield is going to be a much busier place over the next few months or so!