A little earlier today, this came in from Mary:

“This is not really related to the game but… Sam Simon, one of the original brains behind the Simpsons, has terminal cancer. I got to know him through his amazing work providing hearing dogs for the deaf. He drew many of the original characters including Mr. Burns, my personal favorite. I know any support is truly appreciated. His twitter is @Simonsam. Thank you all.”

For those who don’t know, Sam was one of the 3 men responsible for bringing the Simpsons to TV – and that also makes him one of the 3 men responsible for the game we know and love. But, as Mary pointed out, his achievements go far beyond even that. He’s been a leading advocate of animal rights through The Sam Simon Foundation, which he funds, he’s a board member of Save the Children, he set up the Sam Simon Foundation Feeding Families to provide food for people and animals in need, and donated a ship to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society for its anti-whaling campaign.

Sam has been told he may only have 3-6 months to live, but that’s a diagnosis he doesn’t believe in. As he said to Howard Stern in an interview a few days bacck, “I don’t believe in miracles. And I don’t believe in 3-6 months. I think it’s an adventure and we shall see what happens.

As Mary says above, if you’re on Twitter, you can tweet your messages of support to @Simonsam.