Strangely, this entry in the premium character and decoration guide has taken a while to get around to. Hans Moleman, who constantly proves that there really is life after death, is one of my favorite characters, and maybe I’d just assumed that everyone should buy him.

Anyway, here, finally, are the reasons why you might want to think about adding Moleman to your game, and a few reasons why you might not want to do so yet or at all.

First the reasons why:

1. Moleman is very affordable at only 60 donuts, making him one of the easiest premium characters to save for.
2. Like most of the other premium characters, he earns 50% more money and XP than regular characters do for jobs of an equivalent duration.
3. Once you get to level 25 and the arrival of Smithers, there’s a role for Moleman in the storyline (although the quest continues without interruption if you don’t have him).
4. He has a voice!
5. You get to see him experience a football-induced blow to the groin during his 24-hour task to make a short film.

And here are the reasons on the other side:

1. Most of Moleman’s tasks are indoors – only the film-making task and his 6-hour task to provide security at Krusty Burger take place where you can see him.
2. To make the most of him, you need to have Krusty Burger, the Power Plant, Springfield Penitentiary, and the Town Hall. Buying Moleman won’t make these unlock any faster – you’ll still need to do that through normal gameplay.
3. He doesn’t come with any new buildings of his own to add to your town.
4. He really doesn’t have a quest – just a series of tasks that you need to make him do.
5. You think you have a good chance at winning him from the Homer Buddha (for your actual chances of getting lucky with Moleman, see here)

Even with those points against him, he’s a purchase I’d recommend. And watching that football hit him in the groin should at least raise a smile – although Moleman is naturally, less than thrilled about it.