Recently, it’s true that Thursdays have been update day. Since the Valentine’s update, most of the gameplay updates have happened on Thursday – the Valentine’s Day App store update was on a Thursday, as was the level 26 release, Gorgeous Grampa, the start of the St. Patrick’s Day event, Fruit-Bat-Man and level 27. Although an app update sometimes happened earlier in the week (as with St. Patrick’s Day and level 27), the new features weren’t actually released until Thursday US time.

But a Thursday release hasn’t been the case on every occasion, though – the Christmas update came on a Wednesday and level 25 was released on a Friday. And that means that while Thursday is a likely day to see an update, almost any other day of the working week is also a possibility.

And when are we likely to see the next update? Only EA know that for sure. While they gave a 24 hour warning that a Christmas update was on the way, all the others have snuck through unannounced (and, in fact, EA only officially announced that level 27 had arrived several hours after it appeared). And that means we’ll just have to wait and see.